About SpellingRules.com: Exclusive 100 Spelling Rules applied in 600 Phonics Lessons in 10 Books. Children and Adults are Guaranteed to Read and Spell Hundreds of Words at a Time! Dyslexia in Reading or Spelling and Reversing Letters Ends!

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About SpellingRules.com

About SpellingRules.com

SpellingRules.com provides 10 phonics and spelling books to help children and adults read instantly and spell hundreds of words at time.

Our 10 books contain 100 exclusive spelling rules, which are applied in 600 phonics lessons. In addition, the books contain 30 unique learning features that make learning inescapable.

Dyslexia in spelling and in reversing letters ends, after learning to spell and after slowing down to write words slowly.

SpellingRules.com was founded as a breakthrough spelling solution in 1997 to provide a one-stop source for reading phonics, spelling words, and ending dyslexia in spelling and reversing letters. 

About the Author

About the Author, Professor Camilia

camiliaProfessor Camilia spent 15 years intensely dissecting English, discovering over 100 spelling rules, applying the spelling rules in 600 phonics-based spelling lessons, class-testing her discoveries and preparing breakthrough learning books for children and adults to read and spell hundreds of words at a time. The 30 unique learning features in Professor Camilia’s books make learning to read and spell inescapable. Professor Camilia worked hard to make spelling easy and possible for all ages and all types of learners. In addition, she found out that dyslexia in spelling and in writing letters in reverse ends, after learning to spell and after slowing down to write words slowly.

Professor Camilia is a logical learner and she needed logical spelling rules to help her memorize the spelling of English words. She previously could not spell and developed this spelling program out of need. No program, book, or teacher could help her remember the spelling of the words she read.

Professor Camilia insists that no one else should have to become a linguist and spend 15 years intensely dissecting English, simply to learn to spell. Professor Camilia is now an expert in ending dyslexia in spelling and in writing letters in reverse. Her specialty is in helping those who everyone else has given up on them. Her students ask her, “how do you know?” and she replies, “I have been there.”

Professor Camilia spent 15 years waking up at night to write her discoveries. She saw the details of English sounds and their various spelling patterns and used that in easy-to-use vowels and consonants books. For instance, she saw that the vowel A has 5 sounds that are spelled in 12 ways; the vowel E has 7 sounds that are spelled in 17 ways; the vowel I has 8 sounds that are spelled in 19 ways; the vowel O has 12 sounds that are spelled in 20 ways; the vowel U has 6 sounds that are spelled in 28 ways; and eight inconsistent consonants have 50 sounds that are spelled in 60 ways.

Dissecting English, teaching and consulting in public schools and community colleges, and having written 17 various books, Professor Camilia has a broad knowledge in teaching literacy and ESL. Please read Camilia’s blog about phonics, spelling and dyslexia and then leave a comment → Blog

Academically, Professor Camilia earned a BA in Philosophy from Wayne State University and a Masters Certificate in Applied Linguistics from San Diego State University. In addition, she earned California Teaching Credentials and is certified in teaching the Essential Elements of Adult Basic Education (ABE) and ESL. Before writing books, Professor Camilia spent over 10 years intensely reading the best of the world’s literature.

About our Phonics-based Spelling Books

About our Comprehensive Phonics-based Spelling Books

Phonics and Spelling Books

Books’ Titles Are:

Book 1: Read Instantly (200 Phonics Lessons for All Ages)

Book 2: Learn to Spell 500 Words a Day ( 6 volumes: A, E, I, O, U, and Consonants)

Book 3: 100 Spelling Rules (Rules that no one else had seen before!)

Book 4: The Compound Words (7,000 Compound & Hyphenated Words)

Book 5: How to Teach Phonics – Teachers’ Guide (Teach or Learn to Spell Phonics Logically)

Our 10 books contain 100 spelling rules, phonics rules, and vowels rules. Professor Camilia spent 15 years intensely dissecting English and discovering rules to help logical learners learn to spell and read fluently. The rules alone were not enough to learn the spelling of words. Hence, Professor Camilia applied all the rules in 600 phonics-based reading and spelling lessons. Moreover, she used 30 unique learning features that made learning inescapable for all ages and all types of learners. Don’t take chances, use Camilia’s Program to learn or teach your logical learners in their logical learning style.

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About Copyrights

About Copyrights of Our 10 Books

©1997 Professor Camilia. All rights are reserved. Professor Camilia patents each new spelling rule, which is discovered by the author. Printed in the United States of America, and except as permitted under the United States Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database retrieval system, without prior written permission of the publisher.

About Testimonials

About Testimonials

We have plenty of testimonials from teachers, schools, students, parents, children, adults, brain-injured persons, dyslexic persons, inmates, homeschooling parents, and much more.

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About Free Spelling Lessons and Free Literacy Workshops

About Our Free Sample Lessons and about Our Free Literacy Workshops

We offer free sample lessons on this site that will help you and / or your child learn the spelling of hundreds of words at a time instantly.

About learning to spell 580 words instantly from Learn to Spell 500 Words a Day →Free Phonics-based Spelling Lessons

About learning to spell 240 words instantly from 100 Spelling Rules →Free Spelling Rules

About how to teach phonics from Read Instantly →Free Phonics Reading Lessons

About our →Free Literacy Workshops

About Free Dyslexia Resources and Free Dyslexia Workshops

About Free Dyslexia Resources and Free Dyslexia Workshops

We offer free dyslexia resources, rare articles that reveal how we get dyslexia, what dyslexia is, and extraordinary solutions to end or prevent dyslexia.

About how dyslexia is given to kids with a logical learning style before the 4th grade  →How do you get dyslexia?

About →What is dyslexia?

About →Dyslexia and Our Dyslexia Links

About →Free Dyslexia Workshops

10  Phonics and Spelling Books or E-books

Phonics and Spelling Books

1. Read Instantly (200 Logical Phonics Lessons) Amazon $52 — or — Our Price $45 — or — Special Offer

2. Learn to Spell 500 Words a Day (6 volumes) Amazon $52 each or — Our Price $45 each — or — Special Offer

3. 100 Spelling Rules (Exclusive Rules) Amazon $98 — or — Our Price $78 — or Special Offer

4The Compound Words (7,000 Words) Amazon $52 or — Our Price $45 — or — Special Offer

5. How to Teach Phonics – Teachers’ Guide Amazon $27 — or — Our Price $20or — Special Offer

All 10 books Amazon $541 — or — Our Price $312

See the 10 Books

E-books are available for all e-readers and free apps, see →Kindle Store

Here’s what our satisfied clients say:

“I am on the Language Arts Curriculum Work Team for the Kansas City, Missouri School District. I don’t know yet if you truly realize the scope of what you have done. Your program is sensible, yet comprehensive. Bravo!!!!” Nancy Merrill, KC School District Kansas City Public Schools – http://www.kcpublicschools.org

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