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Prevent Alzheimer Linguistically

About Memory Loss in India

Why does India have some of the lowest prevalence rates of Alzheimers disease? Turmeric may be a factor but my study shows there is a significant linguistic factor involved. In India, the elderly have numerous people to talk to in and outside of their homes, and on daily basis. In fact, older people are considered a source of wisdom that is very much in demand.

Grandparents in India continue to live with their grown children and grandchildren. Moreover, grandchildren respectfully converse with their grandparents. In other words, grandparents are continuously surrounded by friends and family members, conversing, processing thoughts, and communicating out loud.


About Memory Loss in the U.S.

The elderly in the technologically developed countries like the U.S. are usually isolated in their homes and are not listened to; they may go days, weeks, months, or years without conversing with anyone. When people are deprived of speaking and processing thoughts for a long period, their language skills decline and eventually deteriorate. Naturally, lack of language skills leads to memory loss.

Thoughts will not process mentally and psychologically unless they are spoken. Unprocessed thoughts are dangerous; people pay over $80 in hour to see a therapist to help them process thoughts.

The relationship between language skills and memory is inseparable. If we don’t use language for a very long time, our senses become dull and we may end up with speech impairment or become dumb and deaf. Our ability to speak and express what we wish to say grows weaker, our hearing may decline because we do not get to hear ourselves speak, and some of us may become speech impaired due to hurrying when we do get to speak (we may acquire dyslexia in speech).


How to Prevent Alzheimer Linguistically

Processing Thoughts: When people engage in conversations, they process thoughts, and their brains become sharper. Let your thought process through speech! Communicate out loud! Think out loud! 

Spelling and Reading: Learn or re-learn the spelling of words from my spelling books. Read my books out loud. Since speaking is not always an option, reading aloud is the next best thing to speaking. Read aloud two or more pages of my spelling books a day and you will instantly feel the difference.

Support the Invention of a Talking Robot: Inventing a robot that we can talk to and it can talk back and engages in intelligent discussions with us would be a significant way to prevent Alzheimer linguistically. People have been predicting that talking robots are just three years away.