Dyslexia in Spelling Can End. Understanding how we get dyslexia in spelling and reversing letters is the key to ending it! Read how dyslexia is given to kids before the 4th Grade!


Dyslexic Persons are NOT Learning Disabled!

Their Learning Style is a Logical Learning Style!


Dyslexic persons are logical learners. They learn logically and cannot memorize anything that does not make sense. Why should a logical learner accept an “o” for the sound of “w” in “choir”? The spelling of one English sound in so many different ways does not make sense to logical learners, and this is precisely the reason logical learners become poor spellers. Soon after becoming poor spellers, they are told they have dyslexia. Because English words are not spelled logically, only intelligent persons (logical learners) can have dyslexia in spelling or in reading or in both.

When logical spelling rules are provided, logical learners do learn to spell. Dyslexia in spelling and in writing letters in reverse ends, after learning to spell and after slowing down to write words slowly.

How do we get dyslexia?

While all types of dyslexia are caused by forced speed at some point or time, dyslexia in spelling and in writing letters in reverse is caused by forced speed-reading before learning to spell words. Dyslexia in spelling is given to kids before the 4th grade. See How do you get dyslexia?

What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia is reading, writing, spelling or saying letters or words in reverse. Our focus here is on dyslexia in spelling letters in reverse because it is our specialty and because it is the most common type of dyslexia. While all types of dyslexia are caused by forced speed at some point or time, dyslexia in spelling and in writing letters in reverse is caused by forced speed-reading before learning to spell words. See What is dyslexia?

Several Types of Dyslexia

There are several types of dyslexia. There is dyslexia in spelling letters in reverse, as in spelling shipmetn instead of shipment. There is dyslexia in writing words in reverse, as in writing tree birds on three. There is dyslexia in reading words in reverse, as in reading my nice is niece. There is dyslexia in speech, as in saying aks for ask. When people are intimidated, pressured or forced to hurry, they may do anything in reverse. Interestingly, each thing people can do in reverse has a name nowadays; writing numbers in reverse is now called dyscalculia.

Dyslexia Can End

Dyslexia in spelling and in writing letters in reverse ends, after learning to spell and after slowing down to write words slowly. To help dyslexic persons learn, teach them in the way they want to learn! New Understanding of Dyslexia! Dyslexia Can be Reversed! Dyslexia Can be Prevented! Dyslexia Can be Ended! Rare Articles about Dyslexia! For our testimonials for ending dyslexia in reading and spelling, see Lee Learned to Read in a Week! and Testimonials

Understanding Dyslexia is the Key to Ending It

Understanding dyslexia will help you make an informed choice when picking out the type of help you need. Read or listen to some or all of the following free articles, and you will know what to do. You will learn how to end dyslexia and how to prevent it before the 4th grade.

Being a logical learner is hereditary but not being dyslexic!

Scientific researchers see the brain of a dyslexic person being wired differently and they conclude that people are born with dyslexia and that dyslexia is hereditary. They have yet to realize that being born with a logical learning is style is hereditary but not being dyslexic; and, only logical learners can acquire dyslexia in English.

Moreover, they see the brain of a dyslexic person being wired differently; and then they wrongly conclude that dyslexia means a neurological learning deficiency. They have yet to realize that the brain of a logical learner will obviously be wired differently from that of a person who can memorize with or without logic.

We offer Free Dyslexia Links and Personal Support

Click on all or any of these links and contact us if you need more help:
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Don’t let anyone intimidate you!

Don’t allow anyone to force you to hurry! Explain and ask them for more time. Logical learner are highly focused on one thing at a time and cannot be bombarded by too many things at a time. 

don’t let traditional educators who use confusing terms that teach nothing intimidate you. They tend to use useless terms that add nothing but confusion to your learning process. They are unknowingly veering people away from learning. Some such terms are left-brain, right brain, learning disabilities, neurological learning deficiencies, vision correction for dyslexics, word origins being French or Greek, phonemes, phonemic awareness (you don’t need phonemic awareness because you can already say the sound when you speak and hear the sounds when you listen to people speak), etc. Such traditional educators are confused themselves and are trying to do their best to find answers to a problem that has been puzzling them for decades.

Don’t accept pity or sympathy from anyone!

Do not accept sympathies from any educator who cannot help you and tries to comfort you with crutches for being dyslexic or who tries to help you manage your life around dyslexia. You do not have a disease, you can now end your own dyslexia, and there is no need for anyone to feel sorry for you. Such attitudes and such terms teach you nothing and they only add to your confusion about dyslexia. They label people with dyslexia when they don’t even know what dyslexia means.

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Here’s what our satisfied clients say:

Lee Ray Nachman, age 12, grade 6. According to his school records, Lee read at a first-grade level (level 1.6) and he had dyslexia, ADD, and learning disabilities. In just six days, Lee learned to read. A few months after that, Lee’s ADD ended and it was obviously caused by boredom from sitting in class for six years, unable to learn and participate in class activities. Lee’s teacher, Mr. Woods was astonished to see Lee read and spell. Mr. Woods said, “Lee seems to be calculating something when I ask him to spell words, and I don’t care how he gets them, as long as he keeps spelling them right.” Lassen View Union Elementary School in Red Bluff, CA -http://www.lassenview.org/

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